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Abundant life. Ultimate hope. Infinite love.

Jesus offers all of the above, and yet these promises can feel far removed from our own experiences. Perhaps you are frequently driven by anger or paralyzed by fear. Perhaps you are struggling to bear the painful burdens of past wounds and see God’s goodness in your own life and work. Perhaps your doing—your church attendance, faithful service, and ministry to others—has somehow left you running on empty, feeling exhausted rather than fulfilled.

As problems and suffering touch our lives, we ache for meaningful encounters with a healing God. We long to experience His hope and His love in the depths of our hearts. We desperately seek spiritual sanity, those unforced rhythms of grace that flourish in the face of busyness, difficult circumstances, and broken relationships.

At New Day Initiative, we believe that God aches to encounter us as well. He longs for us to find healing in His presence. As His hope and His love bless our lives, we can learn to care for our own souls while helping others to see His goodness in the midst of their trials.

New Day is committed to joining the Holy Spirit in the work of restoration. Through pastoral counseling and consulting, our heart is to help remove the barriers that hinder true transformation and peace in your relationships with God, others, and yourself.

Abundant life. Ultimate hope. Infinite love. It is time to experience these promises.

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Meet Kimberley


He will guide us into the way of peace. —Luke 1:80kimberley

Kimberley D. Knochel, M.A.B.C., is a pastoral counselor, consultant, trainer, and spiritual formation director based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked in the counseling field for more than 24 years, serving many different clients in a wide variety of settings.

As a counselor and instructor at a Christian college, the director of pastoral care and counseling for a local church, and a counselor, trainer, and consultant with The Navigators, Kimberley has helped clients from all over the world experience transformation and peace in their daily lives. She has also come alongside other para-church organizations and churches, serving as an advisor and board member to a variety of Christian organizations, from pregnancy crisis centers to shepherding missionary boards.

In addition to counseling pastors and full-time ministry workers, Kimberley specializes in helping people who are struggling with identity issues, marriage problems, and other sexual and relational difficulties. Kimberley has worked extensively with lay people and leaders both in the church and in para-church organizations, providing counseling, training, and equipping to enhance personal lives and ministries.

At New Day Initiative, Kimberley’s experience, skills, and gifts help clients find healing in their relationships with God, with others, and with themselves.

Contact Kimberley:  |  (765) 404-4949 (Atlanta, Georgia)

Skype: kdknochel  |  Connect with Kimberley on LinkedIn here.

Our Philosophy

So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. —Genesis 3:23

As a result of the Fall, recounted in Genesis 3, Creation exists in a state of brokenness and separation from God that can only be alleviated through the love and presence of Jesus. We experience this brokenness and separation in many ways, from trauma, sin, and abuse to past hurts, deprivational wounds, and unbelief. As these burdens touch our lives, we may develop distorted images of who we are and who God is.

These warped images can leave us wanting to protect ourselves from further wounds in our interactions with others, limiting our ability to relate with love, openness, and grace. We live in the world with an orphan mentality, alienated from the reality of God’s kind and constant presence.

And yet there is hope for redemption.

“I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” —Matthew 11:30

The goal of New Day and pastoral counseling is to point to Christ as our shepherd and healer. Counseling provides a unique avenue for experiencing the power of His cross and resurrection as the gateway to restoration and freedom from our sins, wounds, and relational problems. Knowing ourselves and God in truth allows us to live potently, powerfully, and vibrantly.

It is time for you to experience the truth of God’s love and care.

As you begin to heal deep wounds, you become free to embrace your identity and calling as a child of the Most High. In the face of your struggles, we invite you to consider this Person who extends to you the gift of Himself. All that is truly life, healing, and wholeness begins and continues with Him.

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